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Seven Tips for Selecting a New HVAC System for your Home

The HVAC system for your home is one sure investment of serving now and in the future by improving your quality of life. Because of the different models available to choose from, buying a new HVAC system provides you with an opportunity to shop carefully and make an informed decision. Regardless of the time of HVAC system you buy, you will be living with the consequence of your decision for over a decade. To make certain you get your money’s worth and enjoy improved cooling/heating comfort, consider the tips discussed below.

Consider how long you are planning to stay in that house; if you are planning for a short duration, for instance, two years, you should invest in an HVAC system that will serve you for that period. It only makes sense that you invest in a high-efficiency HVAC system if you are planning to stay for long because it is energy-saving thus cuts your energy costs yearly. For a single room, a mini-split that utilizes downsized heat pump and doesn’t require expensive installation will be the best for you.

Having a hybrid heating and cooling system is another factor you can consider; you can combine a gas-fired furnace that uses natural gas and a heat pump that uses electricity to efficiently heat and cool your home. Since the two methods in the hybrid heating systems work alternately depending on the outdoor temperature, they are a low-cost heating method that you should consider. Because it exhausts the same volume of stale air as it supplies into the room, heat recovery ventilation system is a perfect choice if you are looking to have the heating and cooling of your home under control.

You should consider the energy efficiency ratings of an HVAC system, normally displayed on a unit’s yellow energy guide sticker before purchasing a new one for your home. The longer you own a high-efficiency HVAC system, the better it will be for you because its energy savings will compensate you for the steeper initial purchasing price. The two-stage furnace that recaptures spare heat today is the most efficient one today and you can consider.

Upgrading the fan along with an air conditioner and furnace provides very consistent temperature control, nearly silent operation and can reduce blower electricity consumption by a considerable percentage. Every system needs routine maintenance from a qualified professional to work efficiently and for a long time, so when you are buying a new HVAC system for your home, ask about service agreement. A good service plan will benefit you by covering more than just the service but you might also enjoy parts and labor discounts. These are the important factors to consider when buying a new HVAC system for your home.

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